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How do I get the audio/pen to work?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Here are some of the steps you may want to take before placing a ticket with us.

1) Check to see if the light on the side of the Promethean board, is green. If the color is red, please press on the light and it will turn green. When the light is green, it will enable both audio, and pen functions for the board. If the there is no light at all, please then place a ticket and we will resolve the issue as soon as we get the chance.

2) If the light is green, the next thing you would want to check is if the USB cable is attached to both the Promethean board and the computer you are using. The USB cable will look like the picture below. USB 'A' should be plugged into the computer, and USB 'B' should be plugged into the Promethean board next to where the VGA cable (blue cable) is plugged into.

If both steps have been performed and still no audio or pen function, reinsert USB 'A' to another port on the laptop.

If all fails, please place a ticket with us, we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.


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